Workshop With Dr. Roula Alkhouri

Back in June, our church held a workshop with Dr. Roula Alkhouri on the topic of Good and effective communication practices.  

In our time together, Dr. Alkhouri identified:

* The challenges congregations are facing today                                                             

 *  How different approaches are needed to adapt to those challenges.                                         

  *  How earlier practices for outreach and growth, are no longer effective.             

 *  Many of the common communication  pitfalls that happen in congregations.   

 *  How good, clear  healthy communication practices can work in the “Big Picture” of a congregation moving forward into a new future

 Council has scheduled  a follow up workshop with Dr. Alkhouri on October 13th from 9:30- 1pm. We encourage everyone  to come!  As more of our members are equipped to participate in productive discussions about the continuing life and mission of our church, constructive progress will be achieved more quickly and successfully.

The skills we learn together will be part of how we will practice communicating, going forward – as part of our covenant with each other. Save the date! Lunch will be provided.